About us

Real estate FENIKS SISTEM was found in 1993, in Belgrade. Led by the vision of the founders and by enormous wish for success, by the whole team, the agency starts to grow, as well in human resorts and technically as by the market presence. Real Estate Agency FENIKS, for many years, occupies one of the leading positions in the real estate market.
FENIKS is among the first to develop a networked computer system, with a unique real estate database, and in parallel, it also works on developing an original computer program for using the database, which becomes the standard in this field of business. At the same time, it places an emphasis on the media coverage of the agency, through an increasing volume of advertising in the print and electronic media.
In 1998, FENIKS real estate agency, together with group of the largest real estate agencies in Belgrade forms real estate association KROV and starts editing the specialized magazine, with the same name, for real estate advertizing. The growth of activities leads to the larger form by the name FENIKS SISTEM which gathers members dealing with different aspects of both building and placing real estate on the market.
FENIKS SYSTEM today has one of the leading roles in the real estate market, which is spoken by a large number of satisfied clients and their recommendations.

Agents and attorneys team and the way of work

The FENIKS SYSTEM agency is made up of agents with extensive experience in real estate transactions, from which you can get quality support for the sale of your real estate.

The important part of FENIKS SYSTEM agency is the team of attorneys, specialized in the real estate business.

Agency FENIKS SYSTEM carries out mediation activities in the real estate market and lease, which implies all necessary actions for the purpose of presenting the property on the market, in order to connect the buyer and the seller, i.e. the tenant and the leaser.

Client support

The Agency takes care of its clients from the beginning to the end of the mediation, which involves the preparation of the Pre-Agreement and the Agreement on sale, the issuance of the certification with the Notary, the presence on the payment, and with the agreement with the clients, we also perform post-sales activities (transfer of electricity, tax liabilities etc).
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