Investment sector

The FENIKS SISTEM Company has three working units dealing with the sale and purchase of houses and apartments in Belgrade. Following the development of the market and the expansion of civil engineering in Belgrade in the last few years, in addition to performing construction works and building facilities in the wish for a better quality approach to this field, we have established the LOCATION SECTOR, INVESTMENT AND CAPITAL OBJECTS that specializes in the preparation of locations for individual, collective and industrial construction. In addition to the locations we are preparing for our company, we also prepare locations we offer on the market of locations (defined property-legal part, urban part, etc.).

Collective and Individual Construction

Locations that we prepare for individual and collective construction are offered mainly on attractive locations in Belgrade (or in locations that are less interesting but bring more profits, like Karaburma, Mirijevo, Cerak, Žarkovo, etc.). FENIKS SYSTEM on its own behalf defines the property-legal part, which leads to an optimal level (if there are flaws or disputes), performs commercial negotiations with the owners of the real estate and users of the parcel, and achieves the agreement regarding the percentage of the benefits according to them, obtains the necessary urban documentation (an insight into the urban plan, an urban planning document, etc.) and offers the defined location to the market.

Industrial Construction

The interest of clients related to this type of construction is mainly directed towards the main routes located in the immediate vicinity of Belgrade. The most important attention is given to the following: Belgrade-Zagreb highway (from the zone of Bežanijska kosa, Dobanovci to Simanovci) - Novosadski put (Altina, Galenika, Metro etc. until Batajnica) - Stari Novosadski, or Batajnički put (from exit from Zemun until entering Batajnica) - Smederevski put (from exit from Belgrade, Leštane with Kružni put and exit to Belgrade-Niš highway to Grocka).

In addition to these activities, we are able to offer investors and our customers location and performance for their account of a whole range of jobs until they receive a valid approval for construction at very affordable prices and significantly shorter deadlines than usual (which is especially interested for our business partners outside of Belgrade because saving on working days in relation to the cost of our engagement is huge). If you have an interest in this aspect of our engagement, you can get a PRICE LIST for COMPLETION OF COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION FOR BUILDING (in concurrence with the final approval for construction) in a very short time, broken down by items.
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