Feniks sistem

FENIKS SYSTEM is a set of real estate agencies that operate according to the same standards, advertise together, have a unique database and data exchange system, joint legal services, etc.

At the same time, each member has the right to advertise by the FENIKS SISTEM logo, which as the protected brand, guarantee the highest level of services on the unique standard of the system, to the clients. All standards of the system are initially defined by FENIKS SYSTEM as the system - bearer of the system, while in the later work they are harmonized and, if necessary, changed in accordance with the suggestions of other agencies of the system member.

FENIKS SISTEM has the own information exchange and saving system, through the sophisticated software, on who’s development and improvement has been worked for years. At the same time it develops the so called MLS system (Multiple Listing Service), the system that exist in all developed countries of the world, which can enable the creation of the unique data base of great number of agencies on the internet.

What Is Gained by Joining FENIKS SISTEM

By joining FENIKS SISTEM, each agency retains its own name, profit, autonomy in decision-making, the way of work (if it does not comply with the standards of the system), the rules of rewarding employees, internal rules and codex…

By joining the system, each agency receives:
  • Joined appearance to all third parties
  • Protection of interests of each agency member through the protection of interests  of the whole system
  • All standards of the FENIX SYSTEM business
  • Complete training of agents and managers to work in the new system
  • Easy access to all data in the system
  • Advertising on the larger inventory, together with other members of the system, by its own name, with the system’s logo.
  • Lower prices for different marketing activities
  • All contacts that have the FENIX SYSTEM, which are transferred to the system
  • All the FENIKS SISTEM’s positions  which are transferred to the system
  • In due season information on the course of all negotiations with legislators and financial institutions
  • The right to exceed the offer of inclusion in all the profitable tasks the system initiates
  • Engaging in business with old foreign currency savings
  • Involvement in the formation of an investment fund for building real estate
  • Networking into a Common Computerized System for a Common Database (MLS)
  • The same starting position for FENIKS SYSTEM for all new jobs that will be indirectly connected to the real estate market (mortgage loans, securities, life insurance, etc.)
  • Legal and any other protection of all their interests in relation to clients, laws and other agencies
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