Bussines codex

The Code of Professional and Business Ethics of Real Estate Agents implies the duty of the mediator to perform his work with a dignified defense of the reputation and work of his profession.

The intermediary is obliged to perform the tasks conscientiously and professionally fostering good professional relations with colleagues, associates and clients, and to fulfill his obligations to society on time. The Code of Practice obliges all intermediaries to continually improve their professional knowledge.

The Code of Conduct requires the intermediaries to refer to their clients correctly and comply with their instructions and tasks. Also, it is the duty of the clients to truthfully inform about the facts related to the performance of the work, and to eliminate any misconception of the client on time.

According to the Code of Professional and Business Ethics, real estate brokers are obliged to keep as a professional secret everything they have learned from colleagues or clients through the provision of mediation services.
All FENIKS SISTEM agents are obligated to respect the Code of Professional and Business Ethics of real estate brokers.
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